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Today I have a few reasons why people should come and visit my blog.

My first reason is if you like playing Xbox then you will love my blog. I have a page about it, I wrote a post of my top 10 Xbox games of all time, and I have 3 links for my favorite games.

My second reason is if you want to read about guitars, Rugby Union, and Car Pics then you’ll find many links on my blog that will take you to some awesome websites.

My third reason is if you are looking for a good blog to go visit I highly suggest that you visit mine. I personally think that my blog looks cool, and has loads of information to look at.

Next time you see your friends tell them to visit my blog, and i’m sure that they will like it! Please comment below and share your thoughts about my blog!

Soldiers Point’s Fete!

Last Saturday Soldiers Point Public School held a fete. There were many stalls and fun rides. To go on a ride you had to buy a ticket or a wristband (excluding the Bungie Trampoline) and you could buy one for a few extra dollers which pays for the Bungee Trampoline. There was a rock climping wall, a jumping castle, a gladiator duel, a big slide and pony rides. There was also heaps of stalls including a plant store, a cake store, a mystery bottle store, and lots of other food stores as well. The fete lasted for 5 hours, from 10 – 3 o’Clock in the afternoon. Overall the school fete raised over $20,000 dollars in the end. Hopefully this will help our school in the future.


Our family is now moving and we can’t afford to take my father with us. His name is Ian Wright and he is a very loving dad! For a very good bargain at only $18.99 he comes with no hair, lots of fat, and heaps of perks including being really funny and is very thoughtful about his children and wife. He is everything a son or daughter could want and more. He will even play your guitar while you are trying to go to sleep right in your room with the amplifier turned up all the way. This may not be va good thing although this is what makes my dad special and thats why I love him.

My Favorite Xbox games!

Over the past year I have played and completed many xbox games and now, I will tell you my top 10 favourite xbox games of all time!

10. Gears of War 1: You play as Marcus, a convict who is in prison. The locust (bug-things) attack the world and your the only one that can stop them. MA15+ 6/10

9. Gears of War 2: You again play as Marcus and kill a lot of Bugs. It is better than the first (Gears of War 3 may be coming out in 2011!) MA15+ 6/10

8. Halo 2: In Halo 2 you play as Master Chief who is a Spartan (a very strong human in armour). You kill a bunch of aliens and drive some cool vehicles. MA15+ 7/10

7. Left 4 Dead 1: This game is all about killing millions of zombies and trying to survive. It is lots of fun playing with friends on xbox live.  MA15+ 7/10

6. Call of Duty 5 World at War: This games campaign was very fun and online multi-player was fun as well, I would rate this game higher but there is a lot of better games out there. The campaign is set in world war 2. MA15+ 7/10

5. Call of Duty 6:Modern Warfare 2: I did enjoy playing this game for a while but now I get way to frustrated playing it. MA15+ 7/10

4. Halo 3: Probably the most Classic game ever made on Xbox 360. Once again you play as Master Chief and go looking for people to kill. Mostly aliens. M 8/10

3. Borderlands: My 2nd favourite game ever. You go to the planet Pandora and look for quests to do, bosses to kill and experience to earn. At the start you have the choice of choosing between 4 character classes. Siren, Hunter, Berserker, and Soldier. MA15+ 8/10

2.Red Dead Redemption: This is a really fun game to play. It is basically Grand Theft Aut0 but western. I personally enjoyed it more. It was also made by the same people. MA15+ 10/10

1. Halo Reach: My favourite game ever. This is definitely the best halo so far. It is a very new game and has only been out for around 3-4 Weeks, but it is definitely one of the best games of the year so far. I score this game 1000/10. MA15+


Last week stage 3 went to Morisset Camp. From where we live it took approximately 90 minutes to travel by bus. Harry and I were ‘Bus Buddies’. Once we arrived we met our instructors. The best one by far has to be “Bam Bam” (Andy) and “Pom Pom” (we didn’t know his real name). Some other instructors were Dylan, Goose, Ozzie, Lizzie, Chris and “Dan The Man”. Then they read out the names of the people in the group. There were 4 groups so about 20 in each one. I was in group1 with Harry and Tyler. Then they read out who was with who in the cabins. I was happy about Bart, Brendan and Harry being in my group. We raced to our cabin hoping to get the best beds. We were a bit disappointed at first considering all the beds were the same. They reminded me of the mats we use for gymnastics. We didn’t stay long because almost straight away we had lunch (we missed out on recess so we ate it at night). The food was disgusting. Although I ate it I would have much preferred something at home.

On the first day some activities we did were Rock Climbing and the Teamwork Matrix (which in my opinion was the worst). Dinner was horrible. After Dinner we had our showers then we met at the meeting hall. We played some challenges such as Simon Says and other cool challenges. After that we went to the campfire and “Pom Pom” told us a spooky story. While we were listening to him we drank hot chocolate and ate cookies and marshmallows. Then finally we went back to our dorms to go to sleep and brush our teeth.

The next day some of the activities we did were High Ropes, Canoeing, Dual Flying Foxes, and Orienteering. That night after dinner we had a really fun challenge. We picked our groups then we picked a business to run. We were the Baker Boyz and some of the other groups were Run ‘N Stack it, Surf mania (like a bucking bull except on a surfboard), Milk Bar any many more. We won with a total of 1003 fake dollars and second place only got around 700 fake dollars.

The last day we did Archery and attempted the Giant Swing. After this we had lunch and went home. Everyone was exhausted! Overall this camp was really fun and it was definitely the best camp that I have ever been on.

Rugby Union Regional Tryouts

Last week on Friday, Harry,Kane and myself went to Newcastle to tryout for the Hunter Rugby Union team. A week before that, there was zone tryouts for Rugby Union and all 3 of us got in. My Mum and Grandad went to watch me. Throughout the day our team played 4 games and won them all. I scored once although I would have scored again. I ran the whole field but the last 2 metres some person tripped me over with his shoe. I fell quite far and landed on the ball. I was winded and went off for 2 minutes. It is actually illegal to trip someone with your boot but the coach wanted the game to keep moving. The games were 20 minutes long and at 10 minutes we had halftime.

At the end of the day I was very proud to make it to the next level. Next Wednesday I will be going there again to train and the coach will have to cut about 5 more people. If I do make it to State championships I will be extremely proud and happy. Unfortunately Harry and Kane did not make it into the team. They played really well.

Wish me luck for the next level!Photo by: Accesssportonline

Natural Disasters!

This term, Stage Three has been looking at Natural Disasters. We also did a speech of a chosen Natural Disaster. I chose the Black Death, which is a plague that affected Europe, Great Britain and most of Asia in between 1450 A.D and 1800 A.D. Although it went away, came back, and then went away a lot of times. It contained 3 specific Plagues, the Bubonic Plague ( which infected the lymph Nodes ), the Pneumonic Plague ( which infected the lungs ) and last but definitely not least, the Septicaemic Plague ( which infected the blood and was the most deadly ). Over the time of the plague it had killed almost 75 million people!

I hope i have given you some knowledge on the Black Death and what is has done to affect our world.

Murder Under the Microscope

This term, 5/6C has been doing Murder under the Microscope or MuM for short. It is basically an investigation on the Internet were your class investigates an environmental murder. It is Australian wide, and there is a crime sire, villain and victim. There are 15 victims, 10 crime sites, and 15 villains. We thought the villain was Ballast Water, but unfortunately for us, it was Rising Temperatures. I was a bit disappointed but at least we were close.

Murder Under the Microscope is a fun thing for your class to do in the afternoons and to be friendly to your peers.


Blogging is a great way of expressing yourself and showing your feelings and emotions. Blogs can be about you or a certain topic. For example, my mum’s friend, she was on a special diet for a couple of weeks. She couldn’t eat meat and a lot of other stuff people like to eat. So she made a blog and posted something everyday about her feelings, temptations and her missing of yum food.

I think that blogs are a great way to express yourself and to tell the world about you.

What is it Like To Be In The OC Class?

For the last year and a bit, I have been in the Opportunity Class at Soldiers Point. To get in the OC you have to try out and do a test. It is multiple choice so if your having trouble you can just guess.

In the class we have to do slightly harder work and maybe sometimes more homework. But it isn’t all hard work, sometimes we have excursions with just our class, special days like Marble Day, and fun things like Murder Under the Microscope.

I think the OC is a great opportunity to learn lots while having heaps of fun!