† Rugby UniÖn! †

Another one of my favourite pastimes.

Rugby Union is a Classic, Fun and sometimes Hard game to play.

There are 2 groups of positions: The Forwards and The Backs. Forward Positions include 2 Props, 1 Hooker, 2 Second Rows, 2 Breakaways and the No. 8. The Backs include: Five-Eight, Halfback, Inside Centre, Outside Centre, Fullback and 2 Wingers.

The main objective of the game is to place the ball at the special zone at the ends of the field, but it is much more complicated than that. The forwards want to Pick ‘n Drive ( A Rugby Union Technique ) which is basically running the ball up to the enemy team. The person with the ball wants to place it back to his/her teammates and then preferably the rest of the forwards clean out ( Another Technique ) After this the Halfback wants to past the ball out to the Five-Eight, then the Inside Centre, then the Outside, sometimes the Fullback then the Wingers. The Try-Scores are usually the backs and so are the defense but the forwards do a lot of work as well.

I hope I have taught you something about this great sport known as Rugby Union.

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