Murder Under the Microscope

This term, 5/6C has been doing Murder under the Microscope or MuM for short. It is basically an investigation on the Internet were your class investigates an environmental murder. It is Australian wide, and there is a crime sire, villain and victim. There are 15 victims, 10 crime sites, and 15 villains. We thought the villain was Ballast Water, but unfortunately for us, it was Rising Temperatures. I was a bit disappointed but at least we were close.

Murder Under the Microscope is a fun thing for your class to do in the afternoons and to be friendly to your peers.

2 thoughts on “Murder Under the Microscope

  1. Well done Harrison. I was disappointed too. But you are right we were incredibly close. I was very proud of the cooperation, team work and research skills that I saw during our investigation. Great post.
    Mrs C

  2. At RC we also did Murder under the Microscope. We got in the top 50 we were pretty proud I think we should do it next year.

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